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The History of The Royal Malaysian Navy Volunteer (Reserve RMNVR)

RMNVR can trace its roots to the formation of the Straits Settlement Royal Naval Volunteer Reserve (SSRNVR)

in Singapore on 27 April 1934 by the British colonial government in Singapore

The SSRNVR was formed to assist the Royal Navy in the defence of Singapore, upon which the defence of the Malay Peninsula was based. Also behind its formation were political developments in Asia, particularly the rise of a Japan that was increasingly assertive in Asia. In 1938, the SSRNVR was expanded with a branch in Penang. On 18 January 1935, the British Admiralty presented Singapore with an Acacia-class sloop, HMS Laburnum, to serve as the Reserve's Headquarters and drill ship. It was berthed at the Telok Ayer Basin. HMS Laburnum was sunk in February 1942, prior to the capitulation of Singapore at the beginning of Second World War activities in the Pacific.


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What is Marine Navigation? Marine navigation is the use of navigation techniques to guide a ship from one point to the next.

What is a navigation technique? A navigation technique is a way to determine the navigator's position and to set the desired course. There are different methods of locating your position, different plotting methods, and also different ways to determine your course. The system of locating, plotting, and setting a course is called a navigation method.

  • 01Celestial navigation

    is one of the oldest navigation methods. The navigator uses the celestial bodies to determine his location.

  • the navigator uses the shape of landmarks along the coast, and the direction of the coastline.

  • use motion sensors to calculate your new position relative to the starting position. (This is a form of dead reckoning.

  • simply means fixing your position with a very high frequency and is used in harbors and restricted waters.

  • uses radio waves to measure the direction to a radio source. For this to work, you need radio towers all over the place. GPS is winning the battle for sure.

  • is mostly used to avoid collisions when you're close to land or other ships.

  • is the most used form of navigation nowadays. This uses multiple satellites to pinpoint your location.


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"A Brilliant Man Would Find a Way Not to Fight a War"

First Admiral Zainul Rashid bin Abdullah

Commander of Naval Reserve Headquarters (HQNR)

born on May 15th 1962 in Bandar Baru, Kedah. He joined the Royal Malaysian Navy on Feb 1st 1981 as Intake-26. Having academic qualification from Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia in Master in Social Science (Police Investigation) on 2013. On 2014, he was appointed as Director of Naval Reserves until February 2015. Currently, he was appointed as Commander of Naval Reserves starting on Jun 17th 2020 to date.

Capt Ismail Bin Othman RMN

Chief of Staff

Born on 19 Jan 1972 in Sungai Petani Kedah and married with one daughter. He joined the Royal Malaysian Navy as an Officer Cadet on 01 Jul 1990 and was Intake 41. He was previously assigned as Director of Strategic Communication at the Navy Headquarters and currently as Chief of Staff at the Headquarters of Naval Reserve.

Cdr Mohd Fadzil bin Tahir RMN

Head of Management Department

Born in Parit, Perak on 1 Oct 70 and married with four children. He attended the Royal Malaysian Naval College on 7 Jan 91 and was in the 47th Regular Intake. Getting academic degree in Master of Management from UNITAR International University in 2019. He has been serving as Head of Management from 6 Jul 2020 up until now.

Act/Cdr Khairul Nizam bin Abdul Khalek RMN

Head of Operational Department

Born on 10 Nov 80 in Mentakab Pahang. He is married and blessed with three children. He joined the Royal Malaysian Navy as an Officer Cadet on 20 June 2000 and was in the 50th Regular Intake. Having academic qualification from UTM in Master of Science (Military Studies) in 2016. He has been appointed as the Head of Operation starting from 13 Jul 20.


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